mini-mod rant

Well, it's Sunday and we still don't have enough icons to have an actual vote.
This makes me sad.

I know there are enough members in this community, so I would really like to see some more icons!
Lurkers are frowned upon here, so c'mon people! Please submit some more icons.

And pimp the community when and where you can!
I'm trying, but I want you guys to help out, too!

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Well, since we only had one entry so far (-sob-), I'll extend the deadline until Sunday.

C'mon people! Please make some more icons? I'll love you forever. Please?

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Challange #1!

Okay guys, it's time for our first challange! Personally, I'm very excited.

The first challange is going to be


In other words, you must use the attatched text that is used as a prayer in the hellsing ranks.

In the name of God. .Collapse )


x You may submit one icon for the challange
x The icon must be new, and not advertised in other communities nor on your personal journal
x Icons must be in LJ format (100x100, 40K or less, .jpg/.png/.gif)
x LJ userpics is not an acceptable form of hosting!
x Icon must have at least three consecutive words on it
x Remember: have fun!

Submit icons in the format required:

icon: <*imgsrc*=*iconurlhere*"*> ( without the stars, of course )
icon url:
any comments or questions:

All icons will be due by Wednesday, June 29th by 4 pm EST.
Thanks and good luck to everyone!
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Really, I promise I'll post the first challange tomorrow morning.
I'm not sure what time exactly, but it'll be posted damnit!
And you people better make me some damn good icons. (:

Enough pretending to be angry.
And welcome to all the new members!
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Mod Notice!

Okay everyone, go out and get as many members as you can for our community!
Pimp where you can!
And is 0669 still working on a new layout?
I'm really sorry I haven't been around in forever, there was a lot of family crap to take care of.
But it's done now, and I really want to post the first challage by next sunday, June 12th.

I'm also going to need my mods to help me for the weekend of the 17th, as I'll be in Jersey for AnimeNEXT.
:D :D

Just so everyone knows and it's clear, my 'minion mods' are
So be nice to them!

That's all I really have to say for now, but I wanted to let everyone know that I'm alive.
And I'll be posting a challage soon.
I just reeeeeeally want to get some more members first!

Take care!
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First Update!

Hello and welcome once more to hellsing_stills!

Right now I'm just putting the final touches on the communities look ( I'm no lj layout expert, sorry ), and looking for members, banner makers, and of course, affiliates! If you'd like to be affiliated, comment to this post, or whatever post is the newest.

I'm also looking for two mods to help me run things. If you think you can help, leave a comment saying why you want to be a mod, and why you think you would make a good one.

I'm not sure when I'll be posting the first challange, so keep checking back every so often. Once I get the first one up though, the challanges will go in the set timing. Thanks for coming!

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