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Hellsing Stills

Hellsing Awards
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Hello and welcome to hellsing_stills! This is a community for all Hellsing fans alike to make and vote on their favorite icons.

Each week there will be a theme in which iconists may design and submit an icon for. Members will be able to vote for their favorites, and icons will be posted in first, second, and third place as well as a moderator's choice.


1.) Icon submitting will be open from noon EST Sunday, when the new theme will be presented, to 6:00 EST on Friday.
2.) Members may submit one icon per theme ( unless otherwise stated ) with an icon related to the theme. Icons must be related to Hellsing and must follow LJ requirements ( at least 100x100, no more than 40k ).
3.) You may vote for two icons when there are a max of 6 entries, or you may vote for 3 when there are 7+. There will be a Mod's choice when there is 8+ icons, so that there aren't more winners than runners up.
4.) Only vote for your icon if you feel it's the best there, and for Heaven's sakes, please don't advertise your icon and rally your pals to vote for you.
5.) Be respectful in the fact that you will not steal other's icons, criticize or anything else. Icons posted here may only be used with proper permission and credit from the iconist.
6.) Submitting an icon means that you agree to these terms and conditions, and that the icon you are submitting was made purely for the means of this community, as well as the fact that YOU MADE IT.

Times and ect:

Icon submitting begins on Sunday, after the new theme is posted. You have until Friday at 6:30 PM EST to send in your icon.

Voting will begin Friday at 6:30 PM EST. Winners will be posted on Sunday at 6:00 PM EST. A new theme will be granted on Sunday after the previous weeks' winners have been posted.

All votes will be screened. Vote for your favorite three icons if there are 7+ icons, and your favorite two if there are 6 or less.


Icon Picture:
Icon URL:
comments and/or questions (if any):

Each submission will be screened.

*If the theme incorporated in your icon could be questionable (namely if the words are hard to find or read, if the words are written in a foreign language, etc), make sure you specify in the submitter's comments.

I, wrangle, will be uploading each submission to my own space to make sure privacy is kept.

Hellsing Stills is affiliated with:


We always love affiliates! So, if you'd like to affiliate with us, just leave a comment to the most recent entry, and a mod will comment back! Thanks!